Chicago Dominatrix Handcuffs

Strikingly beautiful. Surprisingly deviant.

Fetish Model in Tank

Elegant. Seductive. Sadistic.

These are the first things you will notice about me.  I have been a Professional Dominant for over a decade, and have perfected the art of desire and submission.   I have a charming, soft, confident demeanor, preferring soft (sometimes stinging) words to shouts.

Dominance is an attitude.

I don’t need to prove my power with the tired tropes of the “Dominatrix”.   I am strict yet playful, nurturing yet cruel, and always a few steps ahead of you. 


There is nothing more erotic to me than stripping you of your dignity.

I seek your vulnerabilities, your insecurities, your embarrassments, your secrets.  I will force you to bargain your pain for pleasure, breaking you down piece by piece so that I can build you back up as I see fit. 

I will enjoy making you suffer, and I will enjoy making you enjoy it.

Come to me and evolve.

Foot Fetish Chicago Illinois
Sexy Dominatrix


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